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1. We are not responsible for the message content or information distributed by other enterprises through us, and offer no warranties. Where we contain links to other internet pages we are not responsible for the availability of external resources, or their content. Neither are we responsible for the advertisements, products or other materials on external pages. All queries regarding external links should be addressed to the respective internet operators or Web master.

2. Upon agreeing to these terms, all local and national laws will apply (where necessary.) With regard to international laws and guidelines you alone are responsible for all actions or omissions, which occur when you subscribe. In the case of an offence against the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, Great Britain or other states we are justified in passing on information from mailing lists and newsletter on to the responsible (if necessary prosecution -) authorities.

3. Cancellation/Notice The user is - apart from the general right to cancel this agreement - entitled a right of cancellation in accordance with EU guideline which states that all agreements made via the internet can be cancelled. The cancellation of this agreement requires no reason. The period of cancellation is two weeks starting with the beginning of this agreement. To comply with this term, the dispatching of the declaration of cancellation in time is sufficient, e.g. via email to us or by unsubscribing using the link provided in your sign up email.

4. Availability We aim to keep the website and access to the implemented databases available indefinitely if no technical restrictions apply. There is no guarantee for indefinite availability of these services due to technical restrictions. In particular we reserve the right to inform and modify access times and to restrict certain services or the whole service. Further to we reserve the right to change the service (transitional) or to close the service completely.

5. Liability We assume no liability. This applies also to the liability of delay, initial inability and subsequent impossibility. For the violation of contract obligations, which are indispensable in order to achieve the contract target (cardinal obligations), we are also not liable if slight faults occur. Further the liability of consequential or collateral damage is excluded.

6. Modification of these Terms of Service We reserve the right to modify these conditions of use. This applies especially if a modification becomes necessary due to mandatory laws or due to an extension of the services. Any modifications of these Terms of Service are sent out to the users via email. They are considered as authorized if the user doesn't object them via mail or email. This consequence will be specially indicated. The user must dispatch the contradiction within a month after publication of the modification to us.

7. Applicable Law, Area of Jurisdiction, other In cohesion with the use of eCircle only German law applies. Area of jurisdiction is Munich if such a declaration can be made effectively. For the use of this website and the offered services only these Terms of Service apply. Other Terms of Service won't get part of the agreement, also if there'll be no contradiction. If single terms of this Terms of Service are ineffective or impracticable, the other terms remain effective. The ineffective or impracticable term has to be substituted by a term that approaches the economic content of the ineffective or impracticable term at most.